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At EPlan we are often asked about different browsers and how to make them all work. We hope our users can appreciate that not all browsers work the same and at EPlan we have nothing to do with how browsers work and how they display information. We have tried very hard to keep up with all of the changes and sometimes, even our best efforts do not always work. Based on client use, we selected six (6) browsers to test for you so you do not have to give up the browser you like to use.

We strongly recommend after you have read this information that you read or review the EPlan Administrators Guide.

Understand that EPlan acts just like any website you would visit on the internet. We use a variety of codes that most users do not know or care about, but for the technically inclined, EPlan writes your plan in hypertext markup language (html or htm). Your database, because it works on a server and communicates with a server based database called SQL Server, is written in active server pages (also known as asp). Your menus are developed using javascript (js) so they will work on any browser or computer with javascript enabled.

The ONLY issues you may experience, regardless of the browser, will be with the database. Why? As mentioned above, your plan is written in html. This remains the base coding language of the internet. Classic ASP is known today as a legacy coding language, although Microsoft continues to try to push and other coding such as PHP are gaining in popularity. When EPlan developed its database we chose a language called VBscript because the majority of our users preferred using Internet Explorer and most still do. VBscript is a proprietary coding language of Microsoft and does not work as well (or at all) on other browsers. We are not knocking Microsoft, they spent a lot of time working on this language to communicate with a data driven system and because EPlan was and still is developed using "off the shelf" Microsoft products for continuity, we will stay with what works and continue using Microsoft or Microsoft certified software. However, we have replaced references and coding so those pages no longer use VBscript.

Effective January 1, 2015 we have modified the pages that impact your database and you should have no problems using the more popular browsers (and even some less popular browsers) to interact with your database. We extensively tested cross-browser compatibility with several jurisdictions and no issues were reported. If you experience an issue with using the EPlan database pages on any browser, please call or write and we will test it for you.

If you are an IT person and are interested in more information about the development of the database interface forms, please call us and we'll be happy to explain the technical reasons we did what we did and how it works. Remember the only part of your completed EOP that is affected is the data entry, data retrieval, modification and deletion parts of your database. The plan itself is not affected at all. How you edit the plan is not affected. Only the database. Okay, we get it, classic or legacy ASP is an "old" way of interacting with a database, but it works the way it was originally designed and after more than a decade of being deployed for over 100 different clients and used in over five dozen actual disaster events, it has never "broken". Not once.

Tabbed browsing is another matter. A large number of browsers today use tabbed browsing. Tabbed browsing is a love / hate relationship. Some people love it, others hate it. IE allows you to turn off tabbed browsing. Most other browsers do not offer this option although users often request it (Google Chome is an example). Again, this is not an EPlan function, it is a browser function. If you want to have a link or graphic open in a new window...RIGHT CLICK with your mouse and select "Open in a new window" for browsers that do not offer an option to turn tabbed browsing off. If you hate tabbed browsing, use Internet Explorer and turn off the function.

Tablets and Smart Phones. Software developers continue to work toward more browsers and options for the most popular tablet and smart phone platforms, Android and iOS. There are some on the market today and their flexibility continues to improve. When we have found a browser that actually works the way we think it should by giving you full functioning capability, we will review it and publish that information here. However, please remember this has nothing to do with the overall operation of your plan.

EPlan was never designed to work on a "smart phone", yet it does. Is there an "app"? No and there probably never will be. However you can easily bookmark your EPlan site the same as you would book mark any website. To do that, follow the information provided in your phone users manual.